A class standard OR Hard

We offer you larger bags of plaster which is cheaper than our 1 kg bags.
(A class standard plaster=1 kg 500yen, Hard plaster=1 kg 700yen)

Please check your country's custom duty and consumption tax before ordering.
8 % of Japanese consumption tax will be added to your order, but we reduce it after we receive your order.

Order and Delivery schedule

Please order by e-mail(info@aromafragrancestone.com).
We will send you back our invoice and PayPal invoice within 3 working days.

After your payment, we will arrange delivery within 5 working days, and it will take following days additionally for delivery:
EMS: + around 2 days
SAL: + around 2 weeks
SHIP: + around 4 weeks

Please note that the delivery by SAL and SHIP are cheaper but since it takes long time, plaster may get humid, according to the delivery and weather conditions.

Characteristics of plasters